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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Kharai?

A recent post on the blogroll involving the sale of an old unused character made me think once again about what I’m going to do with Kharai.

My main pvp character is easy. She’s heading into fleets and I even know the required fleet fittings for Northern Coalition battleships. I have 48 days until I fill out the skills for a full T2 fitting, then another month or two to boost some support skills. Until then, she’s a dictor and Battlecruiser pilot. The only choice I really have for the next few months is whether to train advanced large autocannons or howitzers first.

But then there’s Kharai and a new and unique issue for me. I don’t have anything to train.

Yes, it’s true. I started playing well before the servers came up and I’ve finished every single skill in the game! How shocking. Ok, not actually. I just have no idea where to go and I’ve reached a variety of short term endpoints with no clear directions past that.

Kharai was my first character, created back in 2004 and since then her training has been utterly schizophrenic, working a skill depending on what was useful at the time and what vague idea I had might be interesting. A lot of training for something and quitting before the end of the month without finishing related skills. Mostly she’s been a miner, something which really doesn’t interest me all that much anymore. I had also trained for transport ships and took that covert ops cloak for my Viator and trained into stealth bombers and covops frigates. She makes a good scout and can scan down complexes and even ships. Which is great, but I’m done with those skills.

Kharai will be finished with T2 heavy missiles in a few days, which puts her into a nice Drake for earning money missioning or ratting. After that it’s three days to qualify for freighters, not that I can afford those, but it’s only 3 days.

But after that? To quote the Buffy musical, “Where do we go from here?”

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  1. Pinkfluff May 6, 2010 4:41 pm

    I use my industrial character to build things for my combat character. I haven’t been able to do much mining lately due to empire wars and the frequent camps of our 0.0 entry system, but she can still build rigs. I even managed to invent a t2 mining crystal =)

    I’m basically at the same point with her in not knowing what to train. She already has exhumers 5, perfect manufacturing, perfect refining for all the low end minerals. Now I just have her training the processing skills for all the other minerals. Advanced ship command 5 but who knows if I’ll ever have the isk for a ship that requires it. She could even build a jump freighter if I had the parts. Guess my point is that industrial alts are still worth keeping around, even if you don’t use them much. At least I think so.