Back to the Future

So this weekend I spent most of my time camping a chat channel waiting for the recruiting people from Senex Legio to arrive and finish up my interview process. I ran a couple of missions with my older character in a new Drake, which is working out great. Far easier to do these at long range than it was with close range autocannons.

Just as I was about to go shopping for saturday dinner, my contact in Senex finally came on and then sort of disappeared. I gave up and told him I’d try back in a half hour or so after shopping and was almost out the door when I realized I’d forgotten my shopping list next to the PC, where I saw him in chat screaming “Wait! Wait! How about now?!” And so we finally got to chat in vent followed by me joining up.

Senex Legio is the PVP component of the Get Off My Lawn, a small alliance currently a guest (enemies would call us pet, but we’re not renters) of Wildly Inappropriate of the Northern Coalition. Lawn is only two active corps and is oriented towards older players with families and lives. It seems like the perfect fit. Decent comms with other adults and a minimum of obscenity since a lot of people have families and are listening over speakers, but with the added twist that as guests of the Northern Coalition, we’re welcome in Serious Business fleets, but aren’t going to be under pressure to alarm clock for POS operations or anything like that.

Exactly 12 hours after I joined, BoB/IT/Southern Coalition/Whatever upped the ante on their invasion and put a huge cap fleet with over 20 super caps in H-W9TY the Northern Coalition’s capital staging system. The fighting has been intense with over a thousand kills in the system in the last 24 hours, mostly in the South’s favor.

I still had a couple of ships up in the North that I never got out from when we were in Mostly Harmless, so last night I clone jumped into Fade, where I had a T1 fit Hurricane, and got into a fleet. Unfortunately, there was little to do. H-W was way too camped in and the South wasn’t interested in coming out to play otherwise. We did kill a couple of neutral intruders. Actually, this was probably a nice way to get back in the swing of things. It’s really quite odd to have been in an alliance, departed, and come back; but I am enjoying it. No question. My next step will be to stage some things for transport and settle full time.

So I have a new home and I’m back in the fight! Let’s hope we can defend ourselves so that doesn’t change.

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  1. Mynxee May 10, 2010 3:36 pm

    Heya! Nice to catch up with your blog and read about the other goings-on in null sec–all of which were totally off my radar and made my eyes glaze over until Noir. got its sov in new Provi. I’ll add your blog to my blogroll (if I haven’t already).