OMG You’re a Chick?!

Actually, this post could be about gender and Eve, but it’s not. Well except it is. It’s really about the name of this blog. I know that Numtini’s corner isn’t the most exciting thing ever, but I really couldn’t come up with anything else at the time.

Well, I can’t remember which comms I was on, but I got “it” again, and what’s really fascinating to me is that “it” is not just an exclamation of surprise, but the phrasing is almost always identical. The only difference is whether it’s Oh My Fucking God or Holy Shit. Other than that, it’s always the same “OMFG, You’re a chick?!” It was the same when I was in NBSI Academy x years ago and it’s the same now. The only times I haven’t gotten that reaction on teamspeak or vent were Women Gamers of Eve and The Hellcats. Both of which were limited to women.

So good name? Bad name? Playing too much on being a woman?

Contemplations, contemplations…


  1. Mynxee May 18, 2010 11:29 am

    Slippery slope, there. Maybe “OMG, You’re A…!” and let people discover the blog to find out exactly what you are–chick, pvp’er, carebear, whatever. 🙂 After all, mystery is sexy, amirite?

    Re the Vent thing, I know…been there SOOO many times. But I find it amusing more than anything else. Mainly because it seems so…unreal. I mean, don’t these guys have moms, sisters, aunts, nieces, and other females in their lives? You’d think we were some rare species instead of 50% of the real life human population. And also….why is it always “OMG You’re a GIRL!” instead of “Oh, very COOL to hear a chick on vent, at last.”? The latter comment usually seems to come by way of an apology for the first shocked outburst. Even so, I still get a laugh out of the reaction.

  2. Sidsolis May 27, 2010 10:14 am

    A girl runs the corp i’m in….sure i was shocked a bit at first but thats worn off now. no worries i’m sure the boys that play eve will figure it out one day.