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Objects at rest…

With major hostilities over and me fairly busy, there haven’t been many fleets forming up when I’ve been online. Though, there have been a good number forming just as I was about to log, which is always frustrating. I’ve been joking for ten years now that I’d be uber if I lived on the west coast.

So without big fleets, I’ve been enjoying a little bit of PVE, something I haven’t done for literally years. The amount one can make just ratting semi-afk is absolutely astonishing to me. I pulled in around 150 million this weekend and didn’t even really concentrate on complexes or anything. Some of it was a bit on the ludicrous side. I got up Sunday and did a few belt rats and got two hauler spawns in a row, to the tune of 20 million for about ten minutes of ratting and hauling.

Two little bits of PVP. We chased a southern HAC fleet around for a little while and played cat and mouse. I did some scouting with my cov ops pilot while trying to two box a dictor. We also did a pos repair and I brought out my maestrom for the first time. Quite daunting, but nobody showed up.

But for now, times in the north are quiet.

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  1. Dame Shui June 6, 2010 3:50 pm

    Yeah, it’s important to break from the hectic buzz and chaos of fleet ops and do some carebearing. It’s also quite rerfreshing to read the blog of a fellow alliance grunt; a lot of the EVE bloggers I encounter have some rather swollen egos, so it’s nice to see some posts from someone interested in a riveting and animated retelling of various fleet hi-jinks and not using their blog as a platform to troll carebears or smacktalk their reds.

    Keep it up, and seeya in fleet. đŸ˜€

    -The Dame