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  1. Dame Shui July 5, 2010 5:08 am

    Irony doesn’t begin to describe the significance of this to me…it didn’t quite happen with gunfire and glory, but my finding a home in the North started with finding myself on the recieving end of exactly the sort of attitude that the video details.

    I was a -A- Citizen – excrement, in other words, who quietly ratted in Tenerifis most of the time. I logged in one day to find myself booted from alliance and stranded in now-hostile nullsec with significant assets and faction drops. I check my evemail, jaw still on the floor, to find a note from my ex-CEO, calmly explaining that I was removed on account of being a suspected spy (for Goons, ironically) and that was that. To this day, I have a Halo Epsilon, several Hulks, and numerous other assets that are just…sitting in a -A- station down there.

    The moral of this admittedly-sob story, of course, is pretty much the same as that of the video; don’t be a renter. It’s too easy to go out, prove your worth and test your mettle and get into a real 0.0 alliance.

    EVE allows the individual the opportunity to do almost anything the sandbox supports. No one should short themselves by being someone’s serf. The alliances that do this – Atlas and -A- spring to my mind immediately, but xXLegion of DeathXx and several other Russian powerblocs are equally guilty – charge exorbitant fees to populate lackluster systems with unwitting marks who rarely even realize their getting a very raw deal. I’ve heard of 1.8bil a month for a 3-belt system with barren/silicate moons out in the drone regions. It’s sad to see in internet spaceships (for fun, lulz, whatever), but this phenomenon essentially amounts to in-game protection rackets.

    Hats off to Dreddit.