Goodbye to Curse

One thing you have to say about goons is we don’t waste a lot of time. Wednesday, two nights ago, I was on an op roaming around Curse and last night I pressed the button, repackaged my ships for transport by jump freighter, and jumpcloned back to the north.

Oh and I also got to watch 50 million or so isk in the form of insurance and mods disappear into thin air when I repackaged those ships as well as more than half that in transport costs. Painful, particularly given that a good portion of the fleet had just been shipped from Jita.

Goons are on the move again and will be taking over ownership of the Deklein region. This had originally been planned as a somewhat more orderly transition, but one of TCF’s pets wasn’t happy with the changes and decided to attack their master and needed to be put down. So off we went.

The good news is that I never did move anything out of the north, so while I needed to move some things up that I’d accumulated in the last month, I didn’t have to wait for it to catch up to me. I have a second battleship, five battle cruisers, and a variety of smaller ships waiting for me. So last night, both my characters were able to jump clone directly into stations with waiting ships.

Holding territory will be nice. Defensive fleets fit my available play hours a lot better. Jump bridges make life so much easier. Not so much for the convenience of getting to places, but for the convenience of being able to get back. A lot of times, I just can’t stay all night with a fleet and having a decent chance of catching a jump bridge means I can log out and get home with a reasonable chance of safety.

Also isk, glorious isk. Whether it’s ratting or mining, it beats station spinning if nothing else is going on at the moment.

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