In which our heroine returns to space…

So the Noramonster is now 4 months old and our lives have returned to some semblance of sanity. I have entertained myself with two Worlds that aren’t really worlds, one of Tanks and one of Warcraft. But the itch never goes away does it? The quiet glory of a ship drifting slowly out of dock. The checking of ammo. The anticipation of holding the Titan at 2k as more and more purple icons gather, or the methodical call, target, fire, and disappearance from grid as the target evaporates and the pilots pod appears. The joking, the obscenity, the barking of a dog. And the burning for home.

And so yesterday some three months after last logging in, I found myself with an op pending, the time to go, and an itch that just wouldn’t let go of me.

Four hours, 8 carriers, 14 battleships, 4 T3 cruisers, and a command ship.

The itch isn’t satisfied, it’s only piqued.

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  1. Gerard December 16, 2010 3:38 am

    That was a Good Fight. Props to PL for bringing it though despite a significant numerical disadvantage.