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Happy Christmas IT!

Yes, I was “lucky” enough to become ill (legitimately) and be home from work yesterday, so I got into the Euro prime-time battle in PQNY instead of spamming the reload key on the killboard from work.

For those who don’t keep up with Eve news, we, we being the goons, have been surging into the Fountain region, currently occupied by IT’s pets. We had put the station in PQNY into final reinforced when Mollusk called a full out red pen for its defense, complete with stories of convoys of supercapitals coming down from Delve and the whole nine yards.

Nothing could have made us happier. While, of course, the red pen did nothing to motivate IT’s slumbering masses, who were reportedly ratting as the battle went down, it did wonders for getting goons to fleet up. Our staging system actually crashed we had so many people ready to bridge in. Fortunately, it came right back up and everyone was able to log in just in time.

At it’s peak, we had 1600 in system. The lag was pretty insane, but things remained mostly playable. For once, I do have to hand it to CCP. That many players actually shooting at each other? Blizz would weep with terror. There was one point my guns froze in cycle for a full five minutes, but the node held up. I got on 20 or so killmails. When everything was over, we’d had a pretty solid victory.

I was a bit perplexed that IT didn’t commit their caps and supercaps. Our leadership’s theory is they did, we popped a couple almost instantly, and they fled. Either way. We have a spiffy new station.

Thank you SantaMolle for such a nice present. Sorry Santa brought you coal. Have you been a naughty boy?

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  1. kerrizor December 24, 2010 5:45 pm

    Yeah, well.. I know /why/ they weren’t committed, but I’d get shanked if I told you.

    GF! I too was surprised the node stayed as lag free as that…