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PI Interlude

Our fleet’s change to a Maelstrom focused alphafleet has left me with almost perfect skills. Well, perhaps not perfect, but as perfect as it gets before spending four weeks to gain 2% more damage and that sort of thing. I’ll get back to that, but it gave me some slack.

So having some slack and a certain lack of money,I’ve trained a few alts and have been tinkering a lot with PI this week, something I’d never bothered to do before.

It’s like money growing on trees. I really can’t believe I haven’t done this before.

I actually find it very peaceful in many of the same ways that made A Tale in the Desert or the original Star Wars Galaxies, where I was a tailor, enjoyable to me. Right now, my strategy is to put down some extraction plans for elements that are pretty common where I’m located, then buying the less common things on the market and moving it all to factory planets. It’s all POS fuel because I’m guessing those are safely going to stay in demand.

I have some public spreadsheets that pull prices from eve-central, but I’m still new enough to wonder whether or not to actually trust them. I think I’m making a profit. At least I am when I actually audit a specific set of transactions. It’s hard to tell though when I have 150 million floating in and out of two alt characters. I’ll look around and think “um, I have lost a fortune” and then find a large stack of robotics I forgot to drag off to jita to sell.

The interface definitely needs work and for more reasons than just the need to click once a day or once an hour or whatever. But overall, it’s a very decent system and something that you can actually get into and make a reasonable profit on without a great deal of training or experience. Back in the day, you could that with T1 production–I used to make a decent profit selling gyrostabs just outside of Syndicate.

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