Victory At Z3

Sometimes it’s worth getting up early.

Todays op was to take the Z3 system and deny IT their last jump bridge into Fountain, cutting off their pets from aid. It was set for 6:30am. Since they can’t beat us in US or EU prime, they’ve opted for downtime timers on their infrastructure.

It didn’t start out all that auspiciously, but people slowly trickled in and we set off.

We had a few subcap encounters in Z3 and then a couple of our supercaps came in about 300km off us. IT’s supercap fleet pounced on them, someone said oh shit and I certainly thought it and we warped down to engage.

If I wasn’t the first target called, I was awful close and I went down almost immediately. Broadcast for reps, but never really had a chance. Boom and I’m in my pod. And then the sky opened up and Goddess only knows how many caps and supercaps from NC and Clusterfuck (for my non-Eve readers our coalition is known as The Clusterfuck) dropped on top of IT. Dozens. The battle was huge. I’ve never seen so much on the field

The final result was two IT titans and four Supercarriers killed to one supercarrier lost by NC. Couple of dozen capital kills on either side. And we took the system.

It’s hard to imagine that this doesn’t wrap up IT and their pets in Fountain.

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