Diablo 3 & A New PC

Well Diablo 3 is out and after playing for about ten minutes, the computer shuts down, just as was happening with character creation in Guild Wars 2.

I could troubleshoot. It isn’t the CPU or GPU temps because I monitored those. So it might just be a matter of reinstalling the whole PC from scratch. It could also be the power supply, which isn’t that costly to replace, but geezus, the idea of taking apart a 3 year old PC is painful.

I had already been thinking of getting a new PC. The one I have is the last of the Core2Duos and it’s not out of date, but it’s not exactly up to speed either.

So there’s a new I5/2500, Radeon HD6950 2GB, 8GB system on the way. Or more accurately a whole bunch of parts are on the way. It should be somewhere between a 50-100% boost depending on what game I’m playing.

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