An Update

Well, it’s been months since I wrote. I’ve been drifting away from games for a while. Not so much out of choice, but just that I wasn’t finding a whole lot that interested me. I spent a few months being serious on Rift, but I got discouraged by the prospect of the rep grind plus my guild was planning to go off to the utterly dismal Elder Scrolls Online.

My nerdly flag got raised again when a few weeks ago, we finally got around to watching Iron Man 3. First, I really enjoyed the movie. It wasn’t as good as the first one, but I’m not sure anything’s going to quite live up to that. I wonder sometimes how much of the enjoyment of rewatching the film is simply waiting for the payoff line.

That got me interested in comics and I started to go through the freebies on Comixology and really fell in love with the “guided view” on a tablet as a way to read them. This brings you through the comic, not based on page by page, but panel by panel, trying to replicate how your eye would naturally move. It feels natural, which is what I want from any sort of e-reader.

Now the last time I read a comic was when I came back from my frosh year at college and picked up my “subscription service” comics and almost passed out at how much had accumulated and how much they cost. The 75 cent comic book was just unaffordable. Honestly, even as a successful middle class adult, I don’t find the $3.99 comic book any more affordable. I do find ten bucks a month affordable though and I couldn’t care less about DC or what they’ve done wrong recently and I don’t have any other nerds to water cooler it up with, so I settled into a subscription to Marvel Unlimited and I’ve been catching up on the last thirty years of mutant activity.

That brings me to gaming, where I’ve become enfatuated with Marvel Heroes, the free to play game. I’ll get into this in a bit, but it’s well worth checking out if you like Diablo-ish games. It’s even more worth checking out if you played in beta or at launch, because I did and it’s improved drastically. Between FFXIV, Diablo III, and Marvel; it really is the year of the relaunch and while FFXIV might be the most improved, I think Marvel is the most fun.

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