About Numtini

Who is this chick?

I’m Numtini, a long time MMO player recently relocated to New Eden. My real name is Kathy and I live with my partner on Cape Cod with our two cats. The Gods willing, we’re expecting a daughter in July with my partner as the birthmom.

Outside of gaming, my two passions are cooking and my Vespa motor scooter. I read extensively, mostly on a kindle 2 these days, and enjoy movies of all sorts. In addition to our two kitties, I also have a hamster and a tank of shellie cichlids. I have a sad and unfortunate addiction to competitive reality TV, particularly the Top Chef and Project Runway franchises. I’m semi-active in feminist and GLBT politics as well.

I guess I owe my presence in gaming and geekery to a junior high school teacher being sick some 30 years ago resulting in me being stuck in a very boring triple study hall. After an hour of staring at a wall, desperate for something… anything to do… I borrowed a book from someone. That book was The Fellowship of the Ring and I was hooked within ten pages. Fantasy, Science Fiction, D&D, the internet, and eventually MMORPGs followed.

I guess I have played pretty much every MMORPG that exists and even a few that never were released. Let’s just say I have a lot of time. Cape Cod is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but it isn’t really exciting particularly in the winter. Eve Online has been a hard sell for me, it’s only really been in the last year where I got enough connection to do more than dabble a month and move on. Eve is all about the social equation and I honestly have found it difficult as a woman to fit in.

Why is she writing this stuff?

Honestly, a big part of why I started a blog specific to Eve is that my friends who don’t play got tired of hearing about the game and I can’t seem to shut up about it. There’s something about the grand epic of Eve, its nature as a sandbox, and the stories large and small, that I find particularly compelling. For me, Eve is as much about the blogging and podcasting and even the trash talking on CAOD as it is about the game itself.

Who have I been?

Everquest: Numtini, Gnome Warrior Morrel-Thule (Random Acts)
Everquest 2: Kathy, Gnome Mystic, Antonia Bayle (Eternal Odyssey)(Sovereign)
WoW: Kathliene, Draenei Shaman, Earthen Ring
WoW: Kathliene, Tauren Druid, Garona (Spectrum Rage)
DAOC: Cairei, Cleric of Nimue (The Covenant)
Anarchy Online: Karey, Doctor RK1 (Whisper’s Edge)
City of Heroes: Gold Starr, Controller
LOTRO: Numtini, Minstrel, Landroval
Star Wars Galaxies: Karai, Tailor, Wanderhome
Rift: Kathy of Faeblight