My History in Eve

I’ve been playing Eve going back to a 30 or 45 second stint in the beta. Let’s just say it was as unimpressive as it was unstable. It locked up a few times in near record time and I gave up.

Kharai was the character I created when I gave Eve a try a year after release. I really never have been sure what I wanted to do with her and honestly still don’t. I had never been much of a PVPer so I specialized in mining and industry. Not exciting. From the next few years I would sub for a month every six months or a year and usually pretty quickly drift out. I tried logistics and transport, I got very deep into mining. Did a little T1 production, back when you could actually make money at it. I even did a stint with a big alliance training corp. Unfortunately, the alliance picked that time to get rolled over and disappear before I could get a single killmail.

In Spring of 2009, I started a second account. Kathy Hallet is my main PVP character. She started out as a lowsec pirate with the Hellcats, the all female pirate corp. I started a new account because I wanted a fresh break and also because I didn’t want my previous character, Kharai, who specialized in mining and industry, to mess up her security status. And in all honesty, to take advantage of the free trial.

After a few months of playing, the ‘cats were hitting a sort of dead spot, particularly during my time zone, so I took an offer to become the main tank healer in an EQ2 raid guild and went on hiatus for a few months.

When I came back a few months later, I wanted to try something different so I joined my friends who were in a “pubbie” corp in Goonswarm. This time, Eve really grabbed me. I loved the big fleets and pvp. Unfortunately, the swarm met with some ill luck in paying their sovereignty bills and decided to take it out on my corporation, who were not invited to join their new incarnation. After that we kicked around and morphed into a new corporation that took up as renters in the south. My sentiments were entirely about the north, so I departed and joined Senex Legio, a friend of Wildly Inappropriate, living in Pure Blind and while not a formal member, fighting alongside the Northern Coalition.

The Goonswarm is an organic thing, however, and keeping with the gimmick of The Mittani as a Soviet Leader, my corp came back into favor with the Party Leadership and with some adjustments was allowed to reform and rejoin the swarm. Since then, minus taking some time off for a new baby, I’ve been living in Deklein and making our enemies lives difficult.