This week in my Eve

Eve has been pretty boring or rather I’ve been boring about it. Mostly I’ve scanned out complexes in high sec and ratted them out. Yeah, exciting stuff. It’s ok money though if I can find a good one though. I probably should just get Kharai down to where she has agents and get into the level 3s with a drake.

I did camp our former alliance, but no luck. I think it’s almost entirely down to people who are either station bound or have fled to other parts of the galaxy. Shame, on two levels. There were some great people in the alliance and some very excited newcomers and it’s sad the potential didn’t come to be. And second, it’s sad because Gods, after the majority of corps left, what remained were some truly easy kills for piracy.

So mostly I’ve camped out in a couple of recruiting channels waiting for the right person to come on and interview me in vent and take my APIs. I think I’ve found a good corp with access to NC fleets that will let me play at a pace I can sustain, but do the kind of things I want to do and build up a killboard while I train into battleships. I’ve chated with three of the members and just really seem to click. Fingers crossed that it works out.