The Siege of H-W

Monday looked very grim with the Southern Coalition camping in our capital staging system in H-W and devastating an NC capital fleet. As the clock turned to US time, where we have an advantage, we were able to slowly retake the system. People were joking that it left the NC 25-1 instead of 26-0.

At this point, I was still flying between safes in UMI-KK. Thankfully the jump bridge was up to 15W leaving me with only 3 jumps to get to H-W. Unfortunately, there was no intel at all on the status of those systems. I don’t mind taking a risk if I think I’m really needed, but to add a few DPS vs getting my only significant ship up there popped didn’t seem worth it.

Then everything changed “We have a titan bubbled! FLEET UP NOW!” Okie dokie! I aligned to the gate and hit warp, if there’s a camp, oh well. Thankfully the way was clear, but unfortunately I got to the fleet just in time to see it explode as I came out of war and why yes it was quite pretty.

To say the kill really turned around morale would be rather an understatement. The dreddit guys came up with a pretty good piece of propoganda about it.

Yesterday, we broke the siege. We got numbers into system early and never lost them. By the time I got home, the SC had already called off ops. I got into a fleet and killed a carrier and some POS modules. They still have a lot of caps in system that we’re slowly killing off as they log in. This morning I logged in for five minutes and got in on a dred kill.

We did pay a price in losing SOV on some systems and a lot of POS busting. But we’re solid and it took what had been quite a boring turkey shoot and got everyone excited again. On the local front, there’s a new enemy POS in one of our systems named Lawnmower. So I guess we’re going to see some local fighting.