Back to Space!

Well, the Noramonster was being quite quiet on Saturday and there was an op planned so I made sure Janna was cool with caring for any meltdowns and got my hurricane all prepped and we went roaming. It was the usual comedy stuff. We roamed around and didn’t find a whole lot, so we attacked the Dead Terrorists in their own system at 3-1 odds and died hilariously.

I missed a nice Legion kill, just slightly late to get a shot in, but I did lock and pop the pod. And I got in on killing a ratter in a complex. I’m not sure what happened with the final fight as we thought we’d popped our target, but apparently not. That or the killmail went south.

It was nice to be back and with some luck I’ll be able to get into a few more fights soon. We have all kinds of newbies and a lot going on and life is pretty easy in Deklein now that we have our stations and Jump Bridges up.