Well it’s been a month and two weeks since I started my experimentation with Planetary Interaction. Since that time, we’ve had one huge update that changed the extraction side of things, but didn’t really affect the production side.

I initially put in 200 million in startup. That was to a totally new character and included buying the skills and a Bestower. I have since funded a second character out of my proceeds. Right now I have around 270 in free cash and about 200 in materials currently in processing. So something around 200m a month and I’m planning to expand a bit now that I have more capital. I could have put more in, but I wanted to do this partially as an experiment, so I didn’t just drop more in.

Now I don’t do much. I’m not into effort. If I was, I could go and rat in Dek. I take care of business in the morning before work. One character is devoted entirely to production and that’s where the final profit is coming from. Some materials, the majority probably, are purchased because it’s the easiest way to do it. The other character does extraction and produces some of the lower tier materials that go into my final product. Depends on what I’m making at the time. Usually I look for a component that’s pricey and put my extraction effort into that one, the buy the cheap stuff on the market with purchase orders.

I’ve had a few disasters. Well not disasters, but less than successful endeavors. I recently tried for some industrial explosives and the numbers worked fabulously. Easy simple 50% profit and no difficulty buying the ingredients. Unfortunately, while they were incredibly profitable, they sold like… well they didn’t sell at all really. Took a week to unload a days production while constantly lowering the price and while they were still quite profitable of themselves, I missed a lot morecash because my capital was tied up. Right now I’m aiming to stay at around 50% cash so that doesn’t happen again. Most of my profits are honestly in the 10% range, they’re just reliable and large. Live and learn.

Overall I find PI quite relaxing in much the same way I found farming in LOTRO relaxing. I don’t have a big stake in it. It’s not my primary thing and I’m doing it with money that I don’t need in my morning coffee time. My eventual aim is simple. Right now I’m starting in on a 5 month training session for a Thanatos (I find this concept terrifying btw) and I’m hoping to be able to expand my PI into another character slot and make enough for the books and the ship as she trains.