Incarna is Here. And I overestimated it.

Yes, the first post in months. Honestly, with the end of the Forever War and the asinine decisions of CCP, I rather lost the taste for things. I still have an account and I log in now and again, but I’m mostly inactive.

But I did have to come out of blogging retirement for this. I have no idea how CCP could do it, but they made Incarna worse than even my jaded and cynical self could have imagined. The absolutely lifeless avatar, jerkily moving about in a tiny closet, absolutely 90′ straight up.

What a complete joke.

Edit/Add: Game Design 101–game worlds are not real life. Game spaces need to be larger than real life spaces to take account of the camera. CQ is too small. Avatars do not have the same nimble abilities as human beings. Do not clutter the landscape with collideable objects such as the coffee table in the CQ.

Let’s just say I drink The Mittani’s cool aid and say “ok this is a great idea, it will bring new people and all that.” The implementation is just terrible. Absolutely terrible.