About Numtini

Who is this chick?

I’m Numtini, a long time gamer. My real name is Kathy and I live on Cape Cod (the Peninsula of the Damned) with my partner, our ten year old daughter, and three cats.

Outside of gaming, my two passions are cooking and writing. I’m a published author of lesbian romance and read extensively, mostly on a kindle these days, and enjoy movies of all sorts. I have a sad and unfortunate addiction to competitive reality TV, particularly the Top Chef and Project Runway franchises. I’m semi-active in feminist and LGBT politics as well.

I guess I owe my presence in gaming and geekery to a junior high school teacher being sick some 30 years ago resulting in me being stuck in a very boring triple study hall. After an hour of staring at a wall, desperate for something… anything to do… I borrowed a book from someone. That book was The Fellowship of the Ring and I was hooked within ten pages. Fantasy, Science Fiction, D&D, the internet, and eventually MMORPGs followed.

I guess I have played pretty much every MMORPG that exists and even a few that never were released. Let’s just say I have a lot of time. Cape Cod is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but it isn’t really exciting particularly in the winter, nor is it exactly a welcoming place to the science fiction, fantasy, and gaming crowd. MMOs were my substitute for the kind of tabletop RPGs that I really would have preferred to be playing.

Four years ago in 2016, I was able to find a Call of Cthulhu game on roll20 and this marked a major turning point in my life. I now regularly play one to three sessions of various games, mostly Cthulhu-centric or Dungeon Crawl Classics. It’s the most gaming I’ve done since I graduated high school.

Why is she writing this stuff?

The blog started the year before our daughter was born when I was playing Eve and I wanted a separate outlet so I didn’t bore my friends to death with gaming talk. The blog went on hiatus after our daughter was born because I, more or less, got out of playing MMOs because I just didn’t have the time. Recently, I’ve rekindled my love of tabletop RPGs and decided to spark this up.

Who have I been?

Everquest: Numtini, Gnome Warrior Morrel-Thule (Random Acts)
Everquest 2: Kathy, Gnome Mystic, Antonia Bayle (Eternal Odyssey)(Sovereign)
WoW: Kathliene, Draenei Shaman, Earthen Ring
WoW: Kathliene, Tauren Druid, Garona (Spectrum Rage)
DAOC: Cairei, Cleric of Nimue (The Covenant)
Anarchy Online: Karey, Doctor RK1 (Whisper’s Edge)
City of Heroes: Gold Starr, Controller
LOTRO: Numtini, Minstrel, Landroval
Star Wars Galaxies: Karai, Tailor, Wanderhome
Rift: Kathy of Faeblight

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