6VDT Siege: Too Hot For Me!

On the anniversary of losing Sov in Delve, we had a “State of the Goonian” address. It was rather shockingly successful with 1200 people in teamspeak and consisted mainly of a few potshots at Sir Molle followed by orders to head to ITs main staging system and camp it 23/7 until it fell.

Unfortunately, I rebooted that morning and discovered my CPU fan had gone from below full speed to dead. I have this ludicrous aftermarket thing and ordered a replacement, but since it was around, I swapped to the old stock cooler. I think it was 2 year old thermal paste or maybe I didn’t get it on right. But either way, it was not doing the job. At least not for Eve. So when I logged in after the SOTG it was ok, but when I caught up with the¬†huge¬†fleet, my CPU temperature spiked and I shut down before I screwed up the PC.

Very disappointing. I finally got the new cooler and all is well with my PC. But pretty much the siege is over. Their towers are destroyed and we’re just waiting on timers to finish it off. There’s some good kills it seems if you’re in a hurricane, but I’ve moved to a logistics ship for the moment. And there’s really nothing for me to do.

Of course, they still get every chance to defend and may still hold the system in the final reinforcement cycle, but at least right now, it doesn’t look like they want to fight.

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