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That IT Thing…

Trying desperately to catch up on things while I have the time and motivation to write. Well. The Forever War is over. IT Alliance has collapsed and effectively Delve is open for anyone to conquer it apparently without any resistance.

So what happened? You got me. We showed up and they just stopped doing so. No idea. Internal dissent. Yeah, they had that. Absentee leadership? Apparently. But all of that still doesn’t really explain it entirely. It’s really pretty incomprehensible. I have nothing but admiration for the schemes and plots of our Glorious Leader The Mittani, but I don’t think our propaganda was that effective.

I can’t say I’m really happy that it went down that fast. I can’t say I’m big on the tower shooting thing, but I really like the big fleet fights. It was disappointingly short.

There’s been a lot of talk about what to do with Delve. The weird news is apparently nobody really wants it. As far as I know the main plain is to let it become a “thunderdome” with a bunch of small alliances set up as, more or less, a game preserve for PVP in the manner of Provi. I thought perhaps we’d take NOL as a sort of statement, but we’re standing down for the moment.

I almost wonder if we’re hoping the remaining corps pull their heads out of their butts and reform to defend the place. Somehow it all feels like unfinished business.

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