Just what New Eden needed, another Eve blog

Welcome to the blog. I figured I’d give my facebook and livejournal friends a break from listening to internet spaceships stuff and start something specifically for Eve.

I’ve been playing Eve going back to a 30 or 45 second stint in the beta. Let’s just say it was as unimpressive as it was unstable. It locked up a few times in near record time and I gave up.

Kharai was the character I created when I gave Eve a try a year after release. I really never have been sure what I wanted to do with her and honestly still don’t.

In Spring of 2009, I started a second account to join the Hellcats, a women only lowsec pirate group. Kathy Hallet has become my main PVP character and main character period.

Eventually I drifted out and when I came back a few months later, I wanted to try something different so I joined my friends who were in a “pubbie” corp in Goonswarm who at the time were the largest and most powerful alliance in the game. This time, Eve really grabbed me. I loved the big fleets and pvp.

Unfortunately, the swarm met with some ill luck in paying their sovereignty bills and decided to take it out on my corporation, who were not invited to join their new incarnation. Since then we’ve kicked around the galaxy and are still, I would say, in flux.

So why should anyone bother to read this blog? Well, I can’t really come up with any good reason. Either you like my writing or you don’t. I find Eve intriguing and I hope to be writing things about why it is that Eve works and why it’s different from other games. And there will be general contemplations on my Eve future and that kind of thing as well.


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