Marking Time

I really should be writing about something interesting from New Eden. Build up those blog posts! Perhaps a stack of dred kills from a big fleet battle or a daring tackle in a small pirate gang or even a tight escape from a pirate while mining.

Sadly, right now I’m engaged in that time honored practice of Eve: downtime.

Our alliance is in the process of negotiating for a move to nulsec and people aren’t doing much in the way of fleets. And I’m personally contemplating whether or not I want to follow them into a southern cocoon for ratting and mining. And I’m thinking not. I don’t favor the south and I don’t think the renter life is for me.

So I’ve been looking at different opportunities to get back into the war, on the side of the North of course. I’ve found at least a few corps who are willing to take someone with my level of SP. Maybe a few more since it’s all PVP and I can fly interdictors.

Speaking of the war, it looks like IT & Atlas got pasted this morning by the NC who successfully defended their towers.


  1. Interesting to see things from the other side, as I’m currently living in and fighting for the South. Tonight we thwarted another attempt of Brick to take over HED-GP with SBUs.

  2. Supposedly -A- is offering them Paxton’s space in Provi to leave HED sovereignty alone.

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