Bye CVA Parody Song

The folks at Planet Risk have a new parody song out bidding goodbye to the CVA Alliance, who were recently ousted from Providence.

For those who haven’t followed it, the story as I understand it is that CVA started an ill conceived war and were actually offered the chance to forgive and forget and go back to where everything started. They declined and decided to fight which was very clearly the wrong move. CVA was an Amarr RP alliance and I’ve heard the siege of their final station was done entirely with Minmater ships as a way to pour just a little bit more salt in the wound.

The song is pretty funny, particularly if you know just a little backstory about the entire thing. Generally, I enjoy Planet Risk which is a show/podcast mostly from a wormhole corporation. Since it’s actually broadcast on Split Infinity Radio, it tends to be a bit more meandering and random than some of the others, occasionally a bit raunchy, but it makes up for it with humor and alcohol consumption.

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  1. Hehe, entirely with Minmatar ships. I would like to have seen that battle!

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