I Live in a World of Tanks

This is more or less just a recommendation for the new hybrid online game World of Tanks. It’s a first person shooter in which you drive around tanks like that old game Battlezone, but it has RTS and MMO aspects in that you research and purchase upgrades to your tank and skills. I’m having a good time with it, I think, because it plays slowly. Very hard to do the circle strafe with bunny hop with a tank. So if you sort of might like to shoot stuff up, but don’t feel like being humiliated by a 12 year old twitch monkey, this might be a good thing to try.

You can pick up a free beta key at shatteredcrystal. It really is free, even though it looks like they’re going to ask you for your credit card information.

Yes, actually, this is Eve related. All the goons are playing it while we blow up your POSes and stuff.