The Quiet Life

Life is quiet for me right now. We’re in the process of the handover from TCF to Goons, which involves a lot of systems switching hands. I’m not privy to exactly what’s going on, but I suspect we’re setting up our JB network first, but that does involve replacing some, which means they’ll be down for a while until we can get our new ones up. So lots of jumps to get anywhere.

Roams are nicer though in that we’re usually on the edges of a peaceful area, so I feel like I can get back on my own if I need to log out early. And we’re finding good enough targets. Since the end of the battleship era, I’m now usually flying a drake or a stealth bomber, ironically using my old character: Kharai the “industry” one and not my Kath Hallet my “PVP character.”

I should rat more, but I can’t be bothered. My hangars are pretty filled.